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Holy Balls… my notification center has never been this busy LOL

I’ve gotten so many likes and favorites on the story that I will probably do a second chapter, but I’m thinking Makoto based next time. No idea when it will be though because I want to finish a few other projects/chapters first…

But thank you everyone!!


Anonymous asked:

It's nonnie again! Truth be told, fencer's highspeed translations shined some light on Sousuke. According to fencer, Sousuke's talent made him a tad smug/cocky but like I said he's kind.

Hello again!!

Yeah and you can see that about his personality that he is a little cocky because he never swims full out even in competition because he believes he is that much better than everyone else that he doesn’t have to, which is a very subtle way of insulting them lol

But he’s not cruel about it either. Like when Rin came to him about advice for the relay, he didn’t order Rin to put Momo in the race, he just reaffirmed what Rin already knew, somebody who is conceited would have ordered Rin to do it because they would have wanted only the best on their team.

I think that Sousuke has a lot of character potential that we don’t know yet, like I said. He also wouldn’t be trying hard to understand things from Rin’s point of view, especially about racing, if he wasn’t on some level empathetic to others.  

I had to cut and paste these because there were two so hopefully everyone can read them!!

Awe, thankies :P I am glad that it made you so happy to read!

I don’t get to write often, but it’s no really out of choice, I am just a very busy person. Right now I am working on a longer multi-chapter story for Fairy Tail, which is predominately the fandom that I write for in Fanfiction. I am hoping to branch out but until I get an idea or a story I don’t force myself to write. I also right non-fandom based short stories which can’t be posted on 

I love Sousuke’s potential as well! I think that scene with Ai showed that he isn’t quite as cold or mean as he might have come across in the beginning. He is just one of those people that is an extreme introvert, similar to Haru but Haru doesn’t have the same intense focus that Sousuke has or the control. That is probably why he doesn’t like Haru as much, because he sees the same passion in Haru as himself but not that focus or control. 

I also have this headcannon about him that when he does get very anxious about something that he would lose control (pretty much the basis of my plot) and would not know how to deal with that. 

I agree, there have been a few fic’s I’ve read that he is a very domineering person, just short of sadistic sometimes and I don’t think thats him at all because if it were he would be a lot more controlling with Rin. Right now all he does is scold Rin about his other friends, but it’s more like he sees them as annoying and a distraction than as something that has to be eliminated or bullied. There is so much we don’t know about him, but I am hoping by the end of this season we will be able to see those softer sides to his personality.

Most of fanfiction, I have learned, is about writing about what could happen even if it has no chance in canon. I just have this pet peeve about staying true to characters, especially if they aren’t mine to tinker with. 

Thank you for the kind anon!! I hope this reaches you!





Watch it in video

interesting how the answers change as the men get younger


Had to bold it.

we just gotta wait till the dangerously ignorant die out.  

if those men think a girl is dirtied after another man has assaulted her or just because she’s not a virgin, well what does it say about the touch of a man then? 

seriously, props to those indians who spoke up against those destructive attitudes.

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Finally! Finally! FINALLY! Finished the angsty SouMako fic!!

Standing Outside The Fire

Makoto is a firefighter and Sousuke and Rin are policemen, what would happen if they ended up on the same call? Especially when Makoto’s life becomes endangered. My first attempt for writing anything other that Fairy Tail FF and my first time writing MM, more angsty than romantic. 

I don’t know why I like this pairing but something about them just tugs at me, hopefully I got things OK!! Read the disclaimers on the entry. I was going to post it up here but it ended up being way to long (+6000 words) so I have it linked above with 

Dedicated to Lala, for constantly exposing me to this pairing and I love it :P





Sorry to interrupt the Robin Williams posts but I feel like this needs to be shared. The adult film star Christy Mack has been hospitalized after being severely beaten by former boyfriend/MMA Fighter, Jonathan Koppenhaver aka “War Machine”. She sustained injuries such as 18 broken bones in her face, broken nose, multiple teeth knocked out, a fractured rib, ruptured liver and no use of her left leg. He also cut most of her hair off with a dull knife and cut her several different times and attempted to rape her. Thank god she was able to get out of the house and have a neighbor help her and take her to the hospital. Christy said he has beaten her several times in the past but never this bad. On his twitter he referred to her as “his property and always will be” if that’s not the talk of a complete psycho I don’t know what is. This is never okay. Being someone who has seen and been around horrible situations like this my heart goes out to her and hopes she makes a speedy recovery. There is a fundraiser to help pay for her hospital/surgery/recovery expenses that you can go to here:

if there is one thing in this world that fuels a raging fire in me that could fucking make me feel like i could LITERALLY get arrested for man slaughter, its the abuse of women. signal boost the fuck out of this. countless women go through this every single day and no one does shit about it. im fucking sick and tired of seeing my sisters get beaten half to death because of men. im fucking sick and tired of men thinking that we are their property. im fucking sick and tired of being dehumanized and fucking objectified and silenced. and im sick and fucking tired of my sisters being murdered at the hands of misogynists. when will this end? its so hard to not feel fucking defeated sometimes. 

This needs to be recognized

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